Smart Diaspora Conference 2023– Take Home Messages and Future Developments

Irina Sandra


The Shifting Landscape of p53abn Endometrial Cancers: a Review of the Prognostic and Predictive Impact and Current Therapeutic Directions

Angelo Anater

Radiation Therapy for Ocular Melanoma. Narrative Review with Insides from TRIUMF, Canada’s Only Proton Beam Therapy Center

Andrew Naus, Norbert Banyi, Roy Ma

The Role of Subventricular Zone Irradiation in High-Grade Gliomas – a Narrative Review

Otilia Ciobanu

Molecular Landscape of Glioblastoma – Recent Advances in Genetic Alterations and Clinical Implications

Alexandra Gaube, Gențiana Ioana Eremia, Marianne Elena Dina, Andrei Șerban, Georgiana Tănase, Alexandra Neagu

Original Research

The Outcomes of Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy versus Conventional 2D Radiotherapy In Patients with Oropharyngeal and Hypopharyngeal Cancer

Ahmed Tayel, Monica-Emilia Chirilă, Fabio Cury, Khalil Sultanem, Tarek Hashem, George Shenouda

Optimization of Lung and Mediastinal Tumor Diagnosis Using Fluoroscopic-Guided Transthoracic Puncture-Biopsy

Artiom Mînzătean, Monica-Emilia Chirilă, Claudiu Mihai Ciuciureanu, Corneliu Prepeliță, Dumitru Sofroni, Valentin Martalog

Case Reports

Coincidence of Aspergillus and Primary Lung Adenocarcinoma – a Case Report and Literature Review

Miruna-Ioana Lazăr, Ioana-Miruna Stanciu, Cristina Mihaela Olaru, Claudiu Mihai Ciuciureanu, Cornelia Nițipir

In Vivo Lens Dosimetry in a Case of En Face Electron Adjuvant Radiotherapy for Cutaneous Nasal Bridge Basal Cell Carcinoma – a Case Report

Ghizela Ana Maria Sălăgean, Krisztina Varga, Zoltan Balint, Daniel Portik


Current perspectives on the Evolving Role of Radiation Therapists

Eliza Maria Voina, Noemi Kinga Vincze, Jørgen van den Bogaard, Monica-Emila Chirilă


In Pursuit of Meaningfulness in the Biomedical Literature – Notes from a Scrap Booklet

Monica-Emilia Chirilă, Søren M. Bentzen

Art for Advanced Radiation Oncology – Synchronizing the Past and the Future for a Better Patient Care

Monica-Emilia Chirilă, Maria Antonietta Gambacorta