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The Journal of Medical and Radiation Oncology is an independent scientific journal that publishes peer-review articles on new findings and state-of-the-art standards in Oncology.

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We are pleased to invite all categories of health professionals involved in treating cancer patients, to submit their material, or to read the published papers.

Clinical/ Medical/ Radiation/ Surgical oncologists, pathologists, imaging specialists, nuclear medicine, radiobiologists, medical physicists, radiation therapists (RTT), oncology and radiation nurses, psycho-oncologists, and patient advocates can submit materials reflecting their own work or literature reviews in their fields of interest.

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We are happy and proud to launch the first issue of the Journal of Medical and Radiation Oncology, supported by STOP Cancer Romania. We want to thank all the authors who submitted their work and also all the Special Guests who shared their experience by answering our interview questions. Full-text papers are available for download.

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    1st of December 2021
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    Research in Romania – A Dialogue with Professor Dr. Ioana Berindan Neagoe

    Prof. Dr. Ioana Berindan Neagoe is the coordinator of the Department of Functional Genomics and Experimental Pathology...

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