Multiple-Focused Analysis of Breast Cancer Late Recurrence – a Case Report and Literature Review

Author(s) :

Andrada Olivia Țăpîrdea¹, Teodor Marian Vancea¹, Bogdan Cristian Venter¹, Octavia Bristena Terțan², Annamaria Patka², Claudia Cristina Burz¹,²

¹ Iuliu Hațieganu University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Cluj-Napoca,

² Oncology Institute of Cluj-Napoca

Corresponding author: Andrada Olivia Țăpîrdea, Email:

Published: Volume IV, Issue 1, 1 May 2024, -



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Breast cancer is, due to its high incidence rate, one of the most studied malignancies in medical research nowadays. Thus, well-established screening schedules, targeted medical treatment options and surgical innovations are evolving at a high pace, some aspects are not yet generally concluded and one of them is the issue of late recurrence. Our case presents a patient with a 35-year relapse window after a curatively treated invasive mammary carcinoma and aspects such as the diagnostic process, therapeutical management, and immediate outcome are extensively described. Several key aspects of this issue are discussed as a brief review of the literature.

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