About Intelligence (Artificial or Not) – A Discussion with Marcel van Herk

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Interview by Monica-Emilia Chirilă

Journal of Medical and Radiation Oncology

Corresponding author: Monica-Emilia Chirilă, Email: monica.emilia.chirila@gmail.com

Published: Volume I, Issue 2 (December 2021) 86-90, , , - DOI: 10.53011/JMRO.2021.02.10

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Professor Marcel van Herk is the chair of radiotherapy physics at the University of Manchester. As a medical physics student, he started on the development of a liquid ionization imaging device that later became the Varian PortalVision system for electronic portal imaging.  Starting during a Postdoc at Harvard Medical School, the USA in 1992, his work incorporated 3D image processing, first CT-MR image registration for treatment planning, later measuring organ motion, and other uncertainties in radiotherapy such as delineation variability.  Much of this work has been integrated into the Elekta Synergy cone-beam CT image guidance system developed. He also held a part-time teaching role as a Professor at the University of Amsterdam working amongst others at the integration of microscopic optical imaging into radiotherapy treatment planning. His goal is to do research to improve the clinical practice of radiotherapy.

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